Installations Maintenance
Comprehensive Projects

The maintenance of the installations is essential to extend its service and the equipment that makes it up, as well as being essential if you want to get the most out of the installation carried out.

At FRIUSA we encourage our current and future customers to pamper and take care of their work equipment, so we recommend that they:


  • carry out Preventive Maintenance in those facilities that are closed for temporary periods of time. Usually, at the beginning of the tourist season, all Kitchen Equipment is put back into operation to check that it is working properly and, if any type of fault is found, report it so that the appropriate action can be taken and repairs can be made.


  • regard installations in continuous service, wear and tear occurs more quickly as they will accumulate many more operating hours per year. As in the case of seasonal facilities, spot checks should be carried out at regular intervals in order to detect possible malfunctions or prevent future ones.



¡And don't forget to consult our technicians!

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